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Industrial Lubricants

Specialty lubricants for industrial machinery

Machinery downtime is a costly problem for manufacturers. Even just a few hours out of operation can add up to significant losses. It stings even more when the malfunction was preventable. The wrong product, or the right product applied the wrong way, can wreak havoc.

Most manufacturers recognize the dangers of corrosion and seizing, but not nearly as many have a supplier they trust for advice selecting, applying and monitoring specialized lubricants. R.D. Holder Oil Company has the knowledge to help industries in Ohio and Northern Kentucky choose the proper lubricants for their machinery, then use those lubricants in a safe and efficient way.

A few key properties in a product can make the difference between passable and superior lubrication, whether in a simple system like a single bearing, or in a complex system like a massive turbine. Small and large facilities alike can reap the benefits of improved performance, which equates to peak efficiency and productivity.

At R.D. Holder Oil Company, we supply manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, paper, polymers and other industries with the lubricants that keep their lines running. Our most frequently ordered industrial lubricants include:

  • Bearing oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Cutting fluids
  • Fire-resistant fluids           
  • Gear lubricants
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Industrial gas engine oils
  • Machining coolants
  • Open gear compounds
  • Spindle oil
  • Steam cylinder oil
  • Turbine oil
  • Way oils





When you choose R.D. Holder as your lubricant supplier, you are guaranteed a partner that will work hard to understand the challenges facing your business, and provide you with the lubricants and knowledge you need to keep your machines running optimally.

If in search of a partner who knows your industry, call us for a consultation at 1-800-243-0432.


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