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About Us

Exceptional Quality and Service – Built One Truck at a Time

In May 1986, Robert Holder established a one man, one truck operation in Clark County, Ohio. Since then, R.D. Holder Oil Company has grown one truck at a time into a multi-location fuel and lubricant distributorship serving Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Today, our more than 40 outstanding employees work together at our family business to offer a complete range of fuels, lubricants and fuel equipment for a variety of industries that include municipal fleets, trucking companies, agricultural operations, schools, automotive dealerships, rail operators and others.

For many businesses, fuel and oil are not only major expenses, but constant sources of uncertainty. That’s not the case for R.D. Holder customers. We offer a variety of contract options, fair pricing and reliable market intelligence that eliminates much of the uncertainty they’ve often experienced with other fuel providers. We can provide this consultative approach because we have the experience and industry relationships that allow us to buy fuel at the right time to maximize savings for our customers. We think you can benefit from the same combination of excellent value and peace of mind.

R.D. Holder is a company focused on growth – both for our business and for our customers’. As we grow, we will continue to offer fuel, oil and lubricant solutions that allow your business to maximize long-term savings while positioning it for growth. As your fuel partner, we want to make sure that you never settle for anything less than the supply you need, when and where you need it, at a quality and price that meets your expectations.

As you work to grow your business in the coming years, take just a little time to plan your future with us. We'll do the best we can to help you save time, save money and add profit anywhere you're using fuel, lubricants and related equipment.

About Us

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