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Lubrication Equipment

Rugged, reliable maintenance equipment

In addition to a wide range of lubrication products for dozens of industries, R.D. Holder Oil Company also has the essential equipment you need to apply lubricants safely and effectively – whether you require a few individual components or multiple, complete tank packages. We recognize that no two of our clients have the same needs, which is why, as your supplier, we work to stay as flexible as possible. In short, we'll ensure you have the storage and dispensing equipment you need.

Our lubricators, storage systems and accessory devices are available with short lead times throughout  Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Frequently requested items include:

R.D. Holder's equipment service doesn't stop at the sales desk. Our staff will gladly answer all your questions about proper lubricant storage, handling and shelf life so that your goods remain safe for use.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-243-0432 to request a quote on specific equipment, or if a product you're looking for isn't listed above. In many cases we can special-order equipment to be delivered with your usual shipment.

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