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Fuels and Lubricants for Agriculture

The Fuel to Keep Your Farm Moving

Ohio and Northern Kentucky have such a strong tradition of success in agriculture, that it's no surprise that farm customers form the backbone of R.D. Holder's business. As longtime suppliers of specialized fuels and lubricants for the agricultural industry, we have the experience you need to help you buy product effectively.

Whether you're fueling up one tractor or maintain a large collection of equipment, you take fueling your farm machinery seriously. Your distributor should, too. Call us for a quote, or to discuss fuel purchasing strategy as it relates to your work season. Our agricultural industry contacts and customers view us as a knowledge resource – one worthwhile conversation could mean a whole season's worth of savings.

The typical farm will easily use a dozen different oil products each year: off-road diesel, engine and transmission oils, hydraulic and gear oils and grease, just to name a handful. Convenience may play a part in securing all the products you need, but few suppliers can offer both convenience and consistent quality across the board.

A confused buyer (and one couldn't be blamed for getting confused!) could easily spend more money over the long term purchasing an inferior product, often because they don’t know what properties influence the effectiveness of each fluid type the most. Purchasing poorly formulated oil or using grease that's been sitting too long could even damage your machinery. The risk to your livelihood simply isn't worth it.

R.D. Holder Oil experts can help you navigate the grades, additives and specialty products like biodiesel and diesel exhaust fluid that will be most appropriate for your equipment. Call today for a same-day quote – we can tailor your pricing to your specific equipment, volume needs and delivery requirements.

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