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Heavy Duty Lubricants

Durable lubricants for demanding off-road applications

R.D. Holder Oil Company supplies companies across Ohio and Northern Kentucky with the heavy duty lubricants their equipment requires to perform in punishing environments. Picking up where our automotive lubricants leave off, these heavy duty lubricants are essential in earth-moving equipment, agricultural equipment and the trucking industry.

Heavy duty vehicles demand far more than consistent function. Anything less than the highest level of performance can severely compromise fuel efficiency and even risk operator safety. When you choose R.D. Holder as your heavy duty lubricants supplier, we will develop a working knowledge of your business's fleet needs so that we can deliver the proper lubricants and storage solutions to keep your expensive equipment running at peak performance.

Our staff have deep experience providing heavy duty lubricants to customers across the following industries:

Irrespective of industry, we aim to treat our customers in the same way our successful customers tend to treat their heavy duty vehicles: with personal attention and care. The extra investment we make in our customers invariably pays off, and we hope you'll be similarly pleased with the results you see from guided care for your fleet.

Call us at 1-800-243-0432 or complete our quote request form to get your first delivery underway as soon as possible.

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