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Ohio and Northern Kentucky's comprehensive, independent oil distributor

If you’re anywhere within R.D. Holder Oil Company’s vast coverage area – around 30,000 square miles in Ohio and Northern Kentucky – we’ll be ready to serve you right away. We’re not just widespread, either; we’ve got the equipment to supply quickly and efficiently. Our 15 tank wagons, six transports running on two shifts and four lubricant trucks keep orders on schedule. Plus, our nearly 700,000 gallons of combined fuel and lubricant storage, strategically located throughout our service area, give us the capacity we need to back it up.

In short: we’ll get you all the fuels, lubricants and equipment you need on-time. Guaranteed.

For even the most experienced fleet operators, mechanic shops and agricultural businesses, petroleum and lubricant products can be difficult to distinguish from one another. When distributors bias their selections toward only a few brands, end users suffer. That’s because the right (or wrong) product can dramatically impact a business's efficiency, downtime and bottom line.

R.D. Holder's status as an independent fuel and lubricant distributor allows us to deliver to our customers the greatest breadth and depth of available products from all major brands. This means we can provide customers across Ohio and Northern Kentucky with the exact products they need at a fair price. Choosing the “right” brand isn't nearly as important to us as choosing the specific formulations that will allow your engines and motors to achieve peak performance year after year.

Whether you need a small delivery or a full tanker load, our supply agreements with major brands make us a preferred distributor with excellent pricing on their products. Whatever your reasons for your brand affinity, our staff will see to it that you have access to the fuel and lubricants you need at the best possible price.

Some industrial lubricants have characteristics so specialized that they're only available from a few small suppliers. R.D. Holder stands out for its established relationships with suppliers of specialty products such as Houghton International for metalworking fluids, Atlantic Specialty Chemicals for manufacturing and metalworking, and Eastman Turbo Oils (Formerly BP Turbo Oils) for airplane turbine oils.

No matter what company’s products you're buying, you should expect convenience, outstanding performance and responsive service from start to finish. Call us toll-free at 1-800-243-0432 or complete our online form to get a quote today.

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