Dragon Racing Fuel
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R. D. Holder Oil Company carries only the best quality products.

RD Holder offers a SmartBuy Fuel Management System™.  This system guarantees your Commercial Operation won't pay more than an agreeable margin over monthly rack average.  Imagine having an in tank average price that is lower than the average rack price!


Automotive & Heavy Duty Lubricants

  • Motor Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Differential Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Greases


Industrial Oil

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Cutting Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Machining Coolants
  • Synthetics
  • Greases


Aviation Products

  • BP Turbo Oils
  • Castrol Aviator Oils


Miscellaneous Products

  • Truck Wash Soap
  • Candle Wax
  • Oil Absorbents
  • Floor Dry
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Pumps and Tanks

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